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      MikeDiesel Leech
      Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 8:14 am Subject: Bad experiences with buying Custom Videos?
      The idea of creating a script for a model to act out for you is bit of a novelty, and something that I had held off from trying for a long time, just because of the cost involved. The levels of fame some of these ladies are reaching would lend itself (I thought) to trustworthiness, as nobody would want their reputation to be damaged. After my experiences though, it occurs to me that... how would their reputations be damaged? We don't really have a central place in which this is discussed, so that's why I've decided to make this thread here. The internet today is something of a womans world. Vast opportunity at YOUR expense, and zero accountability.

      Have you had any bad experiences from trying this? Because if you can't tell already, I have.

      Who among us have been ripped off, scammed, and banned after throwing down big bucks for a custom video? These ladies have every tool at their disposal to pull this type of thing, us peasant tool tuggers however don't have much in the way of safeguarding ourselves anytime we decide to extend the slightest bit of trust, for the sake of getting that juicy custom video.

      I want names! No softball here, because if you got screwed she deserves to be dragged for it. These garden tools are riding the easiest gravy(jizz) train ever ridden by any generation of woman, and if this happened to you, you shouldn't be a pushover about it. If enough people reply, maybe we can build our own list of untrustworthy "models", and hopefully save some poor fellow pud puller a few bucks, and a whole lot of frustration.

      Here's mine! Grab some popcorn, and enjoy my misfortune.

      Diane Andrews. MILF, Prominent TABOO video producer
      She won't deliver shit. She'll give you a mountain of sob stories and BS about having been "sick", but she's been "sick" for 3 years straight now, because that's how long she's dragged this shit out for me waiting on a very pricey custom. She'll make you pay via "friends and family" on Paypal, so you're boned if you do it. Refuses refunds too, of course.

      To make matters worse, before I realized she was running a scam, at one point she offered discounted customs, with a 2 day quick delivery. I bit, and paid, and offered up a different script. It was looking so promising!

      The next day she emails me that she has begun filming, and will be delivering it soon! Yay! Then the next day, she emails me again! She says "I'm just about done with your custom video!" Then the third day... it goes quiet. Then the fourth day... nothing. 5th day I send her an email asking "Hey! Not to rush you or anything, but did you happen to finish that custom up for me?" She replies back "I'm so sorry, I got tied up with some shit! I'll be delivering it tomorrow for sure!". Then tomorrow rolls around... nada... the 7th day... nada.... 8th day... nothing! I give it another week and I message her again, very politely asking what happened. Ghosted. No response. She hasn't responded to any e-mails since. This one being 2 1/2 years ago.

      Queen Violet. ManyVids seller, and Camgirl
      Bought a simple custom from her 2 years ago, paid via tip on her cam site. She replies with enthusiasm about doing my video, so I felt pretty good about her. But of course... much time began to pass. I came back and checked on the video status several times (over the course of MONTHS) and always got an excuse. Then one day, POOF! She disappears from the website, having closed her account and of course, never made the custom. I eventually find her ManyVids profile, first I had to buy a fucking video just to be able to message her, and again POLITELY inquired about my custom. She leaves me on "Read", with no reply.

      Tera Patrick, World renowned pornstar, your highschool boner engine, now a lowly Camgirl.
      In her stream, I ask if she accepts customs, and she says YES! I then ask for something VERY SIMPLE, and inquire as to price. She tells me $150. I'm like "Hey man, Tera Freakin' Patrick said yes to my video. I'm doing it! I paid the $150 as a tip. Then I am immediately, permanently banned from her room. Not much more to the story here. Customer service basically told me to get bent.

      Charlette Webb, ManyVids seller, and Camgirl
      By this point, I'm pretty PO'ed about the others that never delivered. So, armed with a bit more caution, and hopefully a little more sense from the correct head, this time I order from a ManyVids camgirl who I noticed logs in to cam at the same time every day. To me, it seemed like she had some semblance of work ethic, plus I was ordering through ManyVids so I felt that I had a safety net. She quotes me a pretty steep price, and I pay it. (Sucker!) She never sends me any kind of acknowledgement of having been paid, but I play it cool, and decide not to message her or anything.

      After 2 weeks, I get an automated message from ManyVids telling me that she has canceled the order. I noticed she was camming, so I log into her stream, and ask her what happened. She gives me some strange half-hearted answer like "Ohh I'm changing my custom prices soon, so I just decided to refund your video.". - Did that make sense to you? Yeah, me neither.

      But HEY! I played it *slightly* smarter here, I've been refunded! Fuck yeah! But, after 5 failed custom video attempts... I'm done. I'm convinced this whole "Custom video" nonsense is really just some findom bullshit and I never got the memo. So I go on the site to get my money back, and... guess what? ManyVids doesn't do refunds. That money instead sits in your account as store credit. So, I'll hand it to Charlette Webb, she was MUUUCH better than the other three, but she still caused me to waste a large sum of money, because she ACCEPTED MY SCRIPT, and then changed her mind.

      Before you respond to me telling me how dumb I was for all of those attempts at getting a custom video created, I KNOW. Believe me, I KNOW. I was on a mission, I just wanted to try this ONCE. Just ONE video! I didn't need to make it a habit, I just wanted to take part in this new novel era of porn, where we could basically just get exactly what we want in a video. This idea was very appealing to me, I'm sure you can understand that.

      So, your turn! Who fucked you over?
      kalifire One Hand Wanker
      Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2021 6:18 pm Subject:
      That sucks. Surprised at Tera Patrick, of all people! I've only ever ordered one custom video, from Ashley Alban. No problems whatsoever, and the video was great.
      jossaer One Hand Wanker
      Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 2:05 pm Subject:
      very interesting...never heard of this, any have any examples of this videos, or where i can find them ?
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