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      I use the free version of K2S and it is in my personal opinion by far one of the best free download services, you can turn off your computer and the file will continue downloading once you turn it back on, a feature sites like rapidgator and filejoker doesn't have (at least not in free mode) and while there is a wait time for the next download, you don't have to wait for the current download to be finished.

      There are also certain advantages to having a video preview mode if you know where to go.
      Porn started becoming boring when the cinemas began closing down, the movies would no longer got theatrical releases and instead just got a VHS release, so a lot of the companies saw this as a sign to just mass produce, there were still some companies that focused on quality rather than quantity, but with the internet making the marked even more competitive even those companies gave up trying to be creative.
      I've noticed that porn movies tend not to include certain fetishes unless it's the theme of the entire movie, you don't really see scenes with fetishes such as watersports or pregnant sex in mainstream porn.

      So I thought it would be interesting to find some movies that included some of these fetishes, but first let's set some rules:

      1. Must be a full movie that has been officially released.
      2. The movie can't have the fetish as theme.
      3. The movie has to be story driven, doesn't have to be a great story.
      4. No compilation movies or movies with random clips that doesn't have any connections.
      5. No movies that are made for shock value and no movies with titles that has words like bizarre, strange etc.

      So here is the fetishes I would like to see in the movies:

      - Watersports
      - Rape
      - Pregnant
      - Sleep Sex
      - Sloppy seconds/multiple creampies
      - Drunk (like very drunk)

      Since I am the one who created the topic, it's only fair I start.

      Hotel der Luste (1995) -sleep sex
      Echanges de Partenaires / Swapping Partners (1976) -Rape

      And if your wondering why I'm posting this here and not on fetish.pornbb.org, I can give you two good reasons, first reason is that there just isn't any activity in the discussion forum on fetish and the second and best reason is that the point of this thread is not to find fetish movies, but to find mainstream porn movies that include fetishes.

      I hope we can keep this going.

      I'm searching for a gangbang scene that takes place in some sort of bar, more like a private bar room for private party and stuff than a public bar area, a woman is doing a bit of dancing on a stripper pole, she then joins some of the men, then she goes for some other people and finally they all come together.

      I thought it was a clip from Private, but maybe not.
      Does anybody have a better quality version of the German movie "Frauen Im Suff 1", the only copies I have been able to find both here and on other sites has been in terrible resolution and so pixelated that it was not worth watching.

      The copies posted of the sequels have all been in better quality, but I would like those in higher quality as well if possible.

      Your help will be appreciated.
      Does anybody know where I can find a clip/scene search engine similar to the ones on sites like hotmovies and aebn, only more advanced with more search options.

      I used to use the one on hotmovies, but they changed it, so now you can't specify the different actors in the scene, at least not more than one.

      I hope some one can help me.
      Topic: Hi!
      Hi, my name is Cira, I am a new member, but have previously used to site as unsubscribed.
      The reason I've subscribed is so that I can make requests of differeent scenarios and scenes which usually can be diffiult to find because there not many advanced porn scene search engines and most of them either don't work properly or have have very small databases.
      So I hope the people of this nice and helpful community will look at my requests and help me find what I'm looking for and I hope to be able to return the favor.
      Topic: Porn Requests
      If I wanted to make a topic where I set up a specific porn scenario and then requested people to either post links to videos/movies or names of videos/movies that matched the scenario (as close as possible), where should I make this topic?

      And also, would people post replies and do you think posts like that is a good idea?

      Personally I think it's a great idea, because sometimes it's a pain in the ass finding specific scenes/scenarios even with advanced search engines like hotmovies and aebn, I think we could really help each other out this way, it might even be an idea to make a special section just to porn requests like that.
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