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      Depends on what's going on. Usually 1-2 times, but can be not at all, and sometimes 2-3.
      I'm at about 1.75TB. Most of it is at least 2+ years old, because for me the quality of porn has dropped significantly.

      My collection has built up over a good 13 years or so, so it's not as huge as it could be. I go through every few months and get rid of the ones I just never watch. I save them in folders (1 on 1, 3+, lesbian, amateur, etc.) - the largest folders are solo, trans and amateur. Most regular studio porn doesn't so much for me and I don't have time to watch everything so I can keep the best.
      That sucks. Surprised at Tera Patrick, of all people! I've only ever ordered one custom video, from Ashley Alban. No problems whatsoever, and the video was great.
      It's definitely getting harder to find scenes that are keepers. Too many performers with zero personality. I don't care how hot they look, if the lights are on but nobody's home, I'm not getting off. If the scene is formulaic and the flimsy theme is abandoned two minutes in to film generic sex you could get from any other scene, I'm not getting off.

      I keep hoping the next personality will come along, or that I'll discover somebody I've missed. A switched on, in the moment, dirty talking whore who just goes for it.
      I don't get it. IN a girl's face is cumming in her mouth, isn't it? Whether she's looking at him or not, it's still ON her face.
      Topic: Fan-Fuck
      I'd imagine most fans would ruin the scene. Can't get hard, have weird personalities, overawed by the moment, etc.

      The job of a male porn star is overrated, imo. It's more than just staying hard and not cumming.
      This discussion seems a bit out of place on a porn forum. Isn't there some creepy incel subreddit for cunts better placed for this?
      Find a decent porn forum (like this one), buy a premium file downloader membership (filejoker, k2s, etc.) and get searching.
      juliapanan wrote:

      Who is that, out of interest?
      fartfucker wrote:
      So stupid and fake, all of it. Maybe sexy if you are 13.

      Haha, mostly, yeah. You do get the occasional genuine moment, but most of it might as well be somebody panting and saying things like "yeah, just like that" :roll:
      Have you ever been put off by the way a cock looks or behaves in a scene? Sounds weird maybe, but I've noticed this affects how much I enjoy the whole thing, especially when a performer works with only one guy.

      Case in point: in the scenes Princess Leia works with a guy, the cock is just perfect in size, no blemishes, pretty generic, etc. - in contast, Meana Wolf, who's a great performer, works with quite an off-putting cock that looks a bit discoloured.

      I guess it's just what you relate to, and how easily you can imagine that cock is you.
      For non-contract performers, there's typically a spectrum, usually correlating to how far they're willing to go. It's not an elegant business - the further they're willing to push themselves, the more money they'll get. The kind of figures you're talking about are high for a newcomer or somebody yet to establish themselves. I agree that easier money is found in escorting, and many performers do that on the side as well, although not necessarily under the same performer name.
      Who's your favorite sluttiest, dirty talking amateur/webcam girl right now?
      Trump's UN enjoy getting royally fucked by the rest of the world while she insists she's having a good time.

      That kind of thing?
      AlwaysAlone wrote:
      I've requested this 4 times already, Can you please upload "[PornFidelity] Nekane Sweet (Curve Appeal 4 - 15.12.2016)

      Fucking hell, mate. How entitled are you? Nobody owes you any favours here.
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